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Bovada Betting Site Review

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  • $250 Signup Bonus
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BetOnline Wagering Site

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A review of the top 3 betting sites in the US to gamble at in 2015 ranked according to best online sportsbooks and real money casinos combined for Americans.

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Live In-Play Sports Bets

People from all over the world just love to place bets on sports. Each country has its own specific type of sport that is popular and on which there are tons of wagers done. For example the Brits love to place bets on horse racing, the Americans on football and the Europeans on soccer. The list goes on a lot. This means that the betting industry is big and it’s able to control some very large sums of money. And in case you have enough knowledge about the sport on which you are placing the bets, then you will most likely going to make winning bets and have a very profitable experience.

One of the latest innovations that was brought to the online sports betting industry is called the live in-play bets. The live bets tend to be a lot more profitable for the bettors thanks to the fact that they will have access to a larger set of information about the game before they actually place the bets.

What are the live in-play bets?

The live bets are a unique concept where the players are given the chance to place the bets even after the match has started. This means that they will have the advantage of taking into consideration the changing factors that influence the game after it already started. This means that you can actually see how each team is going to play. You get to see the actual team lineups and you get a good idea about what game strategies the two team have adopted for the game. The odds on which the bets will be placed will change in real time and this means that you get to see different odds as the game starts to develop.

The advantages of live bets

The live bets have managed to captivate people from all over the world and they have gained a lot of popularity very fast. This has happened thanks to the many benefits that these bets can bring. Here is a short list with all the benefits that the live in play bets have:

Good variety of sports available – Right now there is a good variety of sports on which you can place live bets. In case you want to get a good set of sports on which you can place these bets, then you definitely need to sign up only for the largest bookmakers out there that are offering this type of bets. There will be plenty of betting opportunities that will keep you entertained for many hours.

Excellent opportunity – The online live bets are an excellent opportunity that you have available only at the online bookmakers. These bets are available to keep you entertained and excited for a long period of time and you also get the chance to win some good money, if you use your sports expertise right.

Better odds – The live bets have proved statistically to be in favor of the bettors. The online bookmakers have always managed to earn more money out of the regular bets, compared to the live bets. This is happening because here the bettors have access to more information and they are making informed bets, while the bookmakers don’t change the odds too much.

Live In Play Betting Tips

Betting on sports can be a lot of fun and in case you do your homework before the game your chances of placing winning bets increases drastically. Here are a few short live in-play betting tips that you should take into consideration:

          Never chase your losses

          Bet only on the sports you know and that you follow closely

          Do some research about the two teams before placing a bet

          Don’t mix live bets with alcohol, things can go very wrong

          Secure a part of your winnings

          Get the best odds by comparing before shopping

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Beginner’s guide to sports betting bonuses

The sports betting industry has always been on the rise. There are billions of dollars in game every week all over the world and even if back in the days all this gambling was done at the land based betting shops. Things have changed now and thanks to the online sportsbooks you are given the opportunity to find a very large number of bets that you can make and you can also have a very rewarding experience thanks to the bonuses and promotions that are available at these sites.

Before you actually start placing bets, you need to sign up for a site and to make a deposit. Most of the time when you are signing up for an online bookmaker, you are entitled to receive a welcome bonus. This bonus is given out as a free bet or as a sum of money which is credited to your account and it’s given out for free as an incentive to sign up.

Sports Betting Bonus Types

Sign up Bonus – The sign up bonus is by far one of the most popular form of bonus that you can receive from an online sports betting website. Almost each and every site out there has this type of bonus available and it can offer a decent bankroll boost the moment you sign up and make your first deposit.

Reload Bonus – The reload bonuses are also very important since they are able to give you some extra cash even after you have already became a member of a site. These bonuses are most of the time advertised in the newsletters that you receive from the bookies and they can come during the moments when there is a very important game coming, like the SuperBowl or the UEFA Champions League final coming.

Free Bet Bonus – The free bet bonus is a very nice form of rewards that you can get from an online sports betting website. You basically need to make a bet and after that the free bet is going to be released into your account. After that you can place a bet absolutely for free and you get to keep the winnings in case it turns out to be a winning bet.

Referral Bonus – In order to receive a referral bonus, your mission is to refer your friends to the site and after they make a deposit and start placing bets, you get to receive a certain fixed amount of money.

Along with the bonuses presented above, there are also some other types of bonuses available like: reduced juice, percentage of loss and match play bonus. Based on the type of bets you make, your preferences and the strategy that you intend to adopt while betting, your mission is to choose the right bonuses that will offer you one of the most rewarding online sports betting experiences out there.

Sports betting bonus tips

Choose the right bonus – It’s very important to sign up for the right bonuses. Each and every online bookmaker out there is giving out its own unique set of promotions. And there are many bonuses available out there. It will be up to you to choose the right bonus and to make sure that you are able to get the largest amount of money, while you can easily clear out the bonus thanks to some soft wagering requirements that you have to take into consideration.

Check for reputation – While the sports betting bonus is very important, you also need to make sure that you are signing up with reputable and trusted sites. A bonus that is given out in some incredible and unbelievable conditions should raise you many questions and in case you are after that kind of a bonus, you first need to do a little bit of background research related to that site. This will take just a few minutes of your time and could save you a lot of time and money.

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The Benefits of Online Sports Betting

The world of online gambling is changing very rapidly these days and the way people are placing bets has changed drastically thanks to the many innovations that were brought to this industry. The online betting is able to offer the bettors an excellent set of advantages over the traditional way you can place bets.

The advantages of online sports betting begin from the fact that you can start placing the bets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that the amount of fun that you will have is going to be endless and you will no longer have to miss placing a bet for being outside the working hours. Regardless the hour, you can check out the lines and odds available start placing bets according to your sports expertise.

Thanks to the online sports betting you are given the opportunity to find a larger selection of bets that are available. You can choose from different online sportsbooks where each of them is concentrating on providing you with an excellent coverage of some of the sports.

Another interesting fact about the online sports betting websites is that you will get the opportunity to find some of the best odds and lines out there. Thanks to the fact that the costs of an online sports betting website are a lot lower compared to a normal land based betting shop, you will get to find better odds, while the margin that the bookmaker keeps is lower.

The online sports betting sites are packed with an excellent set of promotions and one of the most captivating of them all is the welcome bonus. Almost each and every site out there is offering a nice set of incentives for players to sign up and the moment when they make their first deposit there is a rewarding welcome bonus which is given out for free. The percentage of the first deposit that will become a bonus at your online sports betting bankroll varies a lot from one site to another. These deposit bonuses start from 20% and can sometimes go up to 100%, while in the vast majority of cases they are situated around 50%.

There are also many forms of online entertainment available at the largest online sportsbooks. This way along with the sports betting, you also can gain access to other gambling forms like: online poker, online casino, skill games, racebook, bingo and others. This way you can use the same account and the same balance to try them all and thanks to the fact that you will always try something you, you can be sure that you will never get bored.

Not every online bookmaker on the internet has a nice reputation, but thanks to the search engines, you can easily do the research and understand how everything works and check out if you’re dealing with a reputable site, before you sign up and make a deposit.

Overall the online sports betting industry is able to bring out lots of benefits, compared to all the other online gambling that happens on the internet.

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NFL Sports Betting Tips

The NFL season is just about to start and the teams are ready to bring once again the show that we have all been waiting for. The NFL betting is a blast and you can have a massive amount of fun. While the types of bets that are available for football are quite easy to understand, you also need to make sure that you know the basics and the secrets of NFL betting before you actually start to throw in some money for betting.

This article is meant to be a short guide that allows you get a better understanding of what you have to do in order to increase your chances of placing winning bets. There are many factors that you have to take into consideration while betting on football and there are many common mistakes that could bring your bankroll down if you don’t pay close attention.

NFL Football Betting Tip #1 – Check out the reputation

The reputation of an online sports betting website is definitely a very important factor that you should take into consideration before you sign up and make a deposit. Checking out if a site is reputable or not is most of the time a matter of a few minutes, but at the same time it can save you a lot of time and money over the long term. In order to get a good idea about what you should expect from an online sports betting website, it’s always best that you check out the gambling forums, the blogs or the portals that allow users to post their comments and opinion on the different sites that are available. This way you will get the chance to really find out the truth behind every site and in case you can only see tons of negative comments then you definitely need to keep searching for another site.

NFL Football Betting Tip #2 – Bankroll Management

Most online bettors out there forget to take into account basic knowledge that could really improve the way they are placing bets on the internet. The bankroll management is considered to be a key factor that can make the difference between going bankrupt and seeing a positive ROI over the long term.

In fact, the bankroll management is all about making only the bets that you can afford to lose. This means that each bet that you make should be done based on the total bankroll that you have available and make sure that it’s not bigger than 5% of the bankroll. This way you can be sure that you will be safe from the variance that could possibly occur while placing football bets and keep you safe from going bankrupt.

By using the right bankroll management strategy you can’t get a guarantee that you will never go bankrupt, but you will get the opportunity to stay in the game even after a larger number of hits that you bankroll could take.

NFL Football Betting Tip #3 – Bet on the underdog

Betting on the underdog is a common tip that the NFL bettors receive. By betting on the underdog team, the payouts are definitely going to be better, however the risk is also higher. This means that you should start seeking for the real opportunities that others can’t see and that could transform your betting into real profits.

NFL Football Betting Tip #4 – Shop for odds

Shopping for the best odds is just as important as any other tip presented here. The online bookmakers will always have different odds that are given out to bettors on different events. Shopping for odds and comparing them before placing a bet is a common practice that is done by many bettors out there. You can do this manually, or in case you want to receive an answer a lot faster, where the best odds are available, you can always use an online odds comparison tool that will offer you this information very fast. There are many websites out there that are able to offer you this service and in order to actually start enjoying the benefits that come from using this tip you need to have more than one account at an online sports betting website.

NFL Football Betting Tip #5 – Watch out for new coaches

The moment an NFL team has a brand new coach, the impact on the team can be huge. This means that in case you are planning to make some future bets on the NFL football, then you should always take into consideration the fact that the change of the head coach is going to be huge. Sometimes a new coach is a good thing and it allows for a team to receive an important boost and go out to reach for the next level, while at the same time it can also bring a team down.

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Curtain Opening On NFL 2013

Each NFL season provides an avalanche of questions before the first ball is kicked, and 2013 is no different. This is particularly true this year, because rule changes are coming fast and furious involving safety issues for players. Speaking of the first ball being kicked, the Pro Bowl is already implementing a no kick-off rule, which one has to wonder if it is being considered for the NFL regular season at some point. However it shakes out, it is great fun to watch the Pro Bowl eat its own head. Perhaps, the rules committee, seeing how the Pro-Bowl is becoming rule-changed to death, will take heed and veer from that course.

There is nothing wrong with seeking solutions for safer play, however, the NFL is perched on a slippery slope to extinction should it continue to cave in to pressure from lawsuits. Consider that the rules have changed for 2013 to make it illegal for a player to lower his head upon contact. The next logical step after that is to rule that head-on tackling is dangerous, and so are passes over the middle. If the NFL does not stand up for itself, people will be watching a league where it is only permissible to tackle from behind, and out-passes are the only legal passes thrown.

These things, for the time being, are best left inside the smokey back rooms. Well, smoking is probably prohibited there as well, because it is so dangerous. However, while there is still a product on the field for the fans to enjoy, a closer look at the teams and players for this upcoming season will be fascinating. Here is a break-neck review of all 32 teams.

AFC East

Miami Dolphins

Frustrated by their futility, the dolphins took drastic action and changed their uniforms and made the dolphin on the helmet even more fierce looking. The dolphin will probably strike more fear into opponents than QB Ryan Tannehill.


Same fat coach, same fat-mouthed players, same lame QB. The Jets are always fun for everyone but their own fans.

New England Patriots

The Patriot Way has gone from buttoned down to lockdown. Bringing Tebow is not going to cleanse the stench left behind by Aaron Hernandez, but it could make them more interesting to watch.

Buffalo Bills

Quarterback Fitzgerald is gone, quarterback EJ Manuel is in. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens haven’t revamped, but the exodus of their players has helped revamp other teams. QB Joe Flacco married this offseason. His wife is going to hear him say, Don’t ask, when she asks about his day when he comes home from work each week.
Cincinnati Bengals

This could be a breakthrough year for this year’s Hard Knocks team; provided they get someone besides Texans in the playoffs.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Despite last year’s disappointing season, they were just a couple of breaks away from being good, and now head coach Mike Tomlin has a Twitter account. Playoffs.

Cleveland Browns

The list of Browns quarterbacks since Otto Graham, Kosar being an exception, reads like a Who’s Who in a Realtors convention. This year’s quarterback is named Brandon. Great times ahead for Browns fans.

AFC South


Other than the fact that they are from Houston, there isn’t much to say about this disappointing team.

Indianapolis Colts

This team shed their veterans as though they were fleas on a dog, then made the playoffs. The coach that led them there is gone. The coach who led them to a losing record before taking medical leave is back.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The only question raised by this team, is whether or not they will keep the Jaguars name when they move to Los Angeles.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans took a step back in 2012, but it will be interesting to see if Mike Munchak can fix ruined ex-Bill, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

AFC West

Oakland Raiders

This team has wasted everybody’s time long enough. No more.

Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs fans complained about getting 49er retreads at QB when Alex Smith signed. They didn’t complain about getting Eagles’ retreads at head coach.

San Diego Chargers
Many college coaches fail in the NFL. That isn’t going to happen with Mike McCoy and the Chargers. He is the leader the Chargers have desperately been waiting for.

Denver Broncos

Last year, fans watched as Peyton Manning, and his noodle arm, tight-walked the Broncos into the playoffs. It will be fascinating to see if he is sufficiently healed to launch the Broncos further into the postseason.

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

Same thing, different year.

Washington Redskins

Mike Shannon has struggled to live up the the genius status he enjoyed when John Elway was his quarterback. His handling of RG3 in the postseason last year did nothing to enhance his reputation. Nothing that happens this year will enhance it, either.

NY Giants

This team is going to be a mess. On the plus side, someone should invent a Tom Coughlin piggy bank with a nose that glows red each time a penny deposited.

Philadelphia Eagles

Hot-shot college coach rides a rocket of failure to obscurity.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

Every year, someone comes out with a sexy pick to go all the way. This year, the Falcons should be that pick.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The most exciting thing this year, about this team that went 7-9 last year, is that they added kicker Nate Kaeding.

Carolina Panthers

Boring team, boring coach, exciting quarterback means mediocre year.

New Orleans Saints

Returning from the Bounty scandal, head coach Sean Payton needs to see if he can pay out bounties for touchdowns, instead of takedowns.

NFC North

Minnesota Vikings

A team called Vikings will never succeed with a QB named Christian. And they should lose the dome, while they’re at it.

Chicago Bears

The Brian Urlacher era has ended in Chicago, and the Marc Trestman era has begun. It is a fact that nobody who uses that spelling for Mark, has ever succeeded in the NFL. See Marc Wilson.

Detroit Lions

Jim Schwartz seemed like a savior when he arrived in Detroit. Now he just seems like the next head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. After this year, he probably will be.

Green Bay Packers

Possibly the only NFL team in history to make UCLA players two of their top draft picks. Datone Jones can make an immediate impact at end on defense, and Jonathan Franklin could provide the excitement missing from the offensive backfield for so long.

NFC West

St. Louis Rams

All anybody needs to know about this team is that they cried like children when a commentator said mean things about their underperforming players, and then let their hard-nosed running back, Steven Jackson, leave.

San Francisco 49ers

NFC champions not only got stronger this summer, now they have a chip on their shoulder.

Seattle Seahawks

Now that Russell Wilson knows what speed the playoffs are played at, this team could be scary in January.

Arizona Cardinals

When Kurt Warner came to the Cardinals, everyone thought his career was over. It cemented his Hall of Fame credentials. Enter Carson Palmer, straight from football Hades. Add to the mix that the new coach of the Cardinals is Colts miracle worker, Bruce Arian, and there is match made in playoff heaven.

The NFL is the greatest running soap opera on television. Each year, the story lines, human interest stories, and the players change. It will be fun to watch as 2013 unfolds.

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